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I was wondering if we were standing in VUCA environment or VUCA Self? Aren't we rightly practicing prevention while wrongly naming this practice? Actually we are! We are following and enouraging a contradictory approach of taking snd defining the things, people and situations all around. On one hand we are talking and thinking about connecting the world - for an enhanced networking and work collaorations and for a better world, while on the other hand we are encouraging Social Distancing which we don't mean to say that.

Inspite of finding Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environment all around, we cannot deny the fact that Social Connectedness during these trying times demand a Stable, Certain, Simple and Definite Mind / Self. 

It can never be Social Distancing that contradicts Co-existence! Each and every unit is connected with the each other. Relationship is ! There is a relationship between one unit and the other unit; similary there is a relationship between one 'Self' and the other 'Self'. This co-existence ensures Harmony which ultimately leads to Happiness, Peace and Prosperity that all of us seek for. We have forgotten the major objective of so-called Social Distancing - It is not Social Distancing - It is just a Physical Distancing! 

The day we become socially disconnected, we would become far away and beyond the scope of Human Wisdom that reflects Practical Knowledge in terms of our behaviour with human beings and in terms of our work with rest of the Nature!

Let us have a unanimous clarity on this and start understanding and propagating the right concept and information till it becomes a part of our lives as we move towards Digital Era! Digital Era cannot supercede the Human Era!